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The overall objective of the project is to find a quick way for the inflow into the labour market of the immigrants and refugees who are obtained legal residential status through revealing their abilities, empowering to enter into employment and matching their skills to the need of the local labor market.

The specific objectives are:

  •  To diminish language, civic and intercultural barriers between immigrants and host country society
    towards easier entering into employment;
  • Mapping and profiling the skills of the immigrants in order to match to the needs and shortfalls of the
    local labour market;
  • To provide counseling and support on the settlement and job seeking issues.

The project is in compliance with the global objective of the Call by developing, testing and triggering the implementation of innovative mapping and training mechanisms in support of accelerated labour market integration of migrants, accompanied by transfer of successful approaches and experience from initiatives already carried out in Austria and Spain to Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey. The project is oriented toward legally staying third country nationals more specifically asylum seekers, migrant women, refugees and their family members.

The project is highly relevant to the objectives of the Call through design of preparatory integration schemes, piloting of language and civic trainings and sessions, building bi-directional multi-level partnerships model and well as sharing of experience between partners from different Member States and Programme countries.

The project addresses the priorities of the Call by adopting an approach aimed to quick integration of immigrants (refugees) into the local labour market through surveying of the work force shortages by active links with local business; examining and appraising the existing immigrants competences, including by introductory courses and sessions; stimulating the targeted people to enter into employability, thus preventing them to continue to depend only on social aids and matching the labor market needs to the immigrant`s skills.

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