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Starting new life in Serbia – Why education matters?

“I took the Serbian name Stefan and now everyone calls me that, even friends who came here as refugees,” says Dilsad * with a twinkle in his eye and in fluent Serbian.

Shortly after his arrival, Dilsad was assigned a legal guardian thanks to a UN refugee agency project. He was placed in the department for unaccompanied children – refugees in the one of the social care institutions. Determined to continue his education, he joined his peers who attended elementary school. And then, two years ago, Dilsad and his guardian visited the High School for Beauty Care. “I liked the school at first sight. As the weeks went by, I became friends with other students. Then I decided to stay in Serbia and apply for asylum. I will finish high school soon, but we will remain friends – we hear from each other regularly, because we can’t see each other due to the current restriction of movement.”

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Source: UNHCR Serbia

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