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Consultative meeting and career guidance and counselling training for ALMIT facilitators

Empowering migrants to enter the EU labor market is a difficult and challenging process characterized by diverse and often uncertain socio-economic, socio-political and cultural differences and barriers. Throughout their process of adapting to a different culture, career guidance and counseling skills can serve as a useful tool for more effective coping, adaptation and understanding of social opportunities and integration into the job market.

This was precisely the topic of training for facilitators engaged in the project “ALMIT” held on 1-2 February  2020. in the premises of the Constantin the great Hotel. The goal of the training was to empower facilitators working with migrants to conduct career guidance and counseling workshops.

Training organized by the Belgrade Open School was attended by 17 participants, members, including project team and facilitators who had conducted activities for migrants in the centers in Sid, Mionica, and Tutin in the previous period. During the training, the participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, good practices and challenges they have encountered working with the migrant population and to acquire new knowledge and skills to conduct upcoming career guidance and counseling workshops with migrants. Career management skills, self-assessment skills, writing a CV and preparing for a business interview are some of the topics that our participants will have the opportunity to pursue with migrant groups under Work Package 5 – which includes individual support and career guidance. One of the training participants pointed out:  “The workshop has been helpful and can help us not only in dealing with migrants but also personally when looking for a job. “

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