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What you need to know about Congo and Burundi? 18/12/2019

When was the last time you learned something new about another country without visiting it? Do you know how similar your culture is to another culture? How similar are Congo, Serbia, and Burundi? These are some of the questions we have tried to answer together.

We are aware that discrimination is all around us, and that it often results from ignorance and fear of the unknown. That is why we wanted the participants involved in the project “ALMIT – Acceleration Of Labor Market Integration Of Immigrants Through Mapping Of Skills And Trainings” to present their country and culture to the local community and also to show their knowledge of Serbian language.

A day before the International Migrants Day and within the campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence”, on December 17, were held presentations “Life in Burundi” and “The Democratic Republic of Congo” at the Mionica Cultural Center. Ivan Topalovic and Dragana Levicinin, on behalf of the ALMIT project team, gave the welcome speech and explained how discrimination occurs and how we can fight against it. Participants who have been actively attending Serbian language classes since May presented basic information about their country, what national food looks like, what places should be visited, and how young people spend their leisure time. Afterwards, the participants explained what is similar in their countries and in Serbia, and emphasized the important message that we are all human beings regardless of nationality, skin color, religion and political beliefs.

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