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The first meeting of the National Advisory Group within the ALMIT project was held in Belgrade Open School on Friday, November 30th. The meeting was attended by representatives of institutions that directly and indirectly deal with the migrants issue in Serbia, and they had the opportunity to give their professionally opinion of the implementation of the project.At the meeting the National Team, consisting of the Belgrade Open School, Charitable Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church Philanthropy and the Municipality of Šid, presented the activities of the project, as well as some of the problems that the migrant population faces with.

Milenko Nikić from the Ministry of Labor emphasized that this project represents a step forward in improving the position of currently staying migrants in Serbia and that it is important to develop key competences, and Jelena Kljajić from the National Employment Service spoke about the importance of the local economy support. The meeting was an opportunity to hear about  of the activities of other organizations and institutions dealing with the migrants issue and to exchange experiences of working with the migrant population.

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