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Europe is facing unprecedented challenges due to the current refugee crisis which became emblematic of the strenuous efforts of the EU Member States, to cope with it. An efficient way to address these challenges is to suffice the needs of refugees and immigrants in long-term prospective through integration into the labour market. In this light, the main objective of the project is to contribute to the integration as an essential element to ensure the life and future of the immigrants.

The project develops and pilots schemes and training delivery mechanisms enabling a swift labour market integration. The adopted approach is to perform screening of abilities of the targeted people to initial civic integration, skills profiling and matching, thus facilitating their entering into local labour market.

The project includes the following activities: design and piloting of initial language courses; design and piloting of induction civic and intercultural skills sessions; training for people working with the target groups; provision of individualized support; mapping the educational background and work experiences of the target groups; skills profiling; advising on the recognition and validation of competences; data collection on individual cases; raising awareness to address discriminatory practices and violence, in particular against women; production of supporting materials, etc.

Target groups:

  • Legally staying refugees and immigrants in the so called hot-border area of Bulgaria and Serbia;
  • Accepted refugees and immigrants in the far neighbor area of megacities of Turkey, e.g. Istanbul and hence Duzce;
  • Diffused refugees and immigrants within the partner countries who keep contacts with refugee organisations;
  • Refugees who are obtained a status, but still are in the refugee camps or in its surroundings.

Start date: 01 January 2018
Duration: 30 months

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